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"How long ago a flag fell does not matter as long as there are railfans and
modelers to pick it up again and hand it off to the next generation of fans."

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Prototype Railroad Data

Below you will find a mix-mash collection of transportation related files and links. They are provided in the hopes of inspiring projects for your model railroad, or for stirring the imagination and, perhaps, answering some question about railroads you've always wondered about, but didn't know where to look for an answer. Whatever the reason is that brought you here, I hope that you find something which interests you. Enjoy!

Regulations & Rule Books

Employee Timetables

Passenger Timetables

Miscellaneous Information

Copyright Notice

© 1996 - 2023. Unless otherwise noted, the contents of are copyrighted to A.J. Kleipass. All rights are reserved. Reuse without permission is forbidden. Downloadable material, including but not limited to maps and posters, are intended for personal, non-commercial use to aid in model railroad design and construction only.

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