Road Name ACI ID#
New York, Ontario & Western Ry. 9 544
Reporting Marks Road Number AAR Car Type Codes
NYOW n/a Mechanical Designation: ZD
Type Code: n/a
ID# Scale Weight General Car Type
40 HO (1:87.1) 0.01oz Locomotive
Model Built By Era or On-model Dates
Nickel Plate Products Era: 1920s - 1940s
No dates on car.
Description Of Model
The is a brass model of an NYO&W Class Y 4-8-2 steam locomotive made by Nickel Plate Products. It was purchased secondhand.
Overall Condition
The model is in very good condition. There are some partially loose detail parts, but nothing broken. Internal weight in boiler is not screwed in place.
Paint Scheme & Weathering
Is the model painted? Yes

Paint Scheme:
Model is covered in two brushed-on coats of paint. A dark black undercoat and a grayish grimy black overcoat. Ideally, the model should be stripped and airbrushed.
Is the model weathered? No

Painting is in progress. No weathering yet.
Detail Parts Installed
Does model have extra detail parts installed? No

Detail parts description:
No after-market parts added.
Does the model have couplers? Yes

Couplers description:
A-end: Kadee no.5 on pilot with drawbar to tender.
B-end: Drawbar to locomotive with Kadee no.5 on rear.

Trucks / Running Gear
Does the model have running gear? Yes

Running gear description:
Steam locomotive: 4-8-2 wheel arrangement with two 2-axle trucks under the tender.
Wheel Sets
Does the model have wheelsets? Unknown

Wheelsets' description:
All metal - either nickel silver to n.s. covered brass.
Motor & Power Train
Is the model motorized? Yes

Motor / power train description:
Unknown motor type. Model runs based on battery test.
Non-DCC Electronics Information
Are non-DCC electronics installed? No

Electronics Information:
DCC Decoder Information
Is the model DCC ready? No

Is DCC installed? No

Short Address: n/a
Long  Address: n/a

Decoder Information:
Maybe never...
Modeling Notes
Some loose / damaged parts. Weight in smoke box evades securing screw. Partial provisions made for battery operated headlamp. The model is wearing two or three coats of paint (all brushed on).

Altered history has the NYO&W selling this locomotive to the re-imagined Elmira, Cortland & Northern in the 1940s, and the EC&N retained her as part of their preserved steam locomotive fleet - painted and lettered for the NYO&W.
Shopping List Of Parts Needed For Model
  • Nothing on list yet.

To-Do List Of Things Yet To Be Done To Model
  • Repaint or finish painting.
  • Add lighting.
  • Add DCC with sound - maybe


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