Road Name ACI ID#
Genesee Valley Railroad 5 224
Reporting Marks Road Number AAR Car Type Codes
GV 21 Mechanical Designation: ZD
Type Code: n/a
ID# Scale Weight General Car Type
27 Lionel O (1:48) 1lb, 10.75oz Locomotive
Model Built By Era or On-model Dates
Lionel Era: 1970s as painted
Unknown built date.
Description Of Model
Lionel FA2 from the 1950s. Originally factory painted for Union Pacific. At some point after I received it I repainted it with gold spray paint. Then, 25+ years later, I finally repainted it into a fictional Genesee Valley paint scheme and then weathered the heck out of it!
Overall Condition
Good condition. Motor could use a full overhaul.
Paint Scheme & Weathering
Is the model painted? Yes

Paint Scheme:
Painted in a fictional Genesee Valley paint scheme of white body, black roof and underbody, and red trim.
Is the model weathered? Yes

Locomotive is heavily weathered to represent an FA1 nearing the end of its operational lifespan.
Detail Parts Installed
Does model have extra detail parts installed? Yes

Detail parts description:
A pair of after-market / replacement single-chime horns was added to replace the missing original horn.
Does the model have couplers? Yes

Couplers description:
A-end: No provision.
B-end: Lionel non-operating modern style.

Trucks / Running Gear
Does the model have running gear? Yes

Running gear description:
Model has two 2-axle metal trucks, unsprung, one of which has the motor built onto it.
Wheel Sets
Does the model have wheelsets? Yes

Wheelsets' description:
Metal wheels
Motor & Power Train
Is the model motorized? Yes

Motor / power train description:
Typical Lionel power truck. Runs a bit rough, but not bad consider its age and lack of maintenance over the last 25+ years.
Non-DCC Electronics Information
Are non-DCC electronics installed? No

Electronics Information:
No electronics, just hardwired headlamp.
DCC Decoder Information
Is the model DCC ready? No

Is DCC installed? No

Short Address: n/a
Long  Address: n/a

Decoder Information:
Probably will never be equipped with DCC.
Modeling Notes
No notes yet.
Shopping List Of Parts Needed For Model
  • Nothing on list yet.

To-Do List Of Things Yet To Be Done To Model
  • Nothing on list yet.


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