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Delaware & Northern Railway
Purchased: September 18, 1911
Road # Model Builder Built Acquired Disposed Notes
n/a 2-6-0 Dickson November-1881 9/18/1911 - ex D&E 1911 Ex-Delaware & Eastern #3 named the 'A.C.Fairchild'. Nee-Delaware, Lackawanna and Western No.285/24.
 It was sold to the Delaware & Eastern in 1905. It was the heaviest and strongest locomotive on the D&E,
therefore it saw much use on the heavy grades. By the time the Delaware & Northern was created in 1911,
No.3 was old and tired out. The D&N decided to scrap the locomotive in 1911.
1 4-4-0 Baldwin July-1902 / Rblt. 1911 1911 1933 Ex-Southern Indiana RR #16. Rebuilt by Baldwin, 1911, for D&N. Scrapped 1933.
2 4-4-0 Baldwin September-1902 / Rblt. 1911 1911 1933 Ex-Southern Indiana RR #18. Rebuilt by Baldwin, 1911, for D&N. Scrapped 1933.
3 4-4-0 Baldwin July-1902 / Rblt. 1911 1911 1943 Ex-Southern Indiana RR #17. Rebuilt by Baldwin, 1911, for D&N. Scrapped 1943 or 1944.
4 4-4-0 Dickson May-1884 9/18/1911 - ex D&E 1929 Ex-Delaware & Eastern #2 and named 'R.B.Williams'. Nee-Delaware, Lackawanna & Western #484/184/124/949.
It proved too small for the DL&W and in 1905 it was sold to the Delaware and Eastern Railroad. It was renumbered
to #4 when the Delaware and Northern Railroad was organized in 1911. Being out classed by the larger Baldwins,
No.4 and her Lackawanna sisters found use in various odd jobs, such as the filling of Muir's Trestle in 1915. No.4
was retired in 1922 and eventually scrapped in either 1924 or 1929.
5 4-4-0 Cooke June-1884 9/18/1911 - ex D&E 1930 Ex-Delaware & Eastern #1 "F.F.Searing". Ex-Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR #482/947. Nee-Morris & Essex  #33. 
Renumbered D&N #5 in 1911. It was sold to the D&E in Sep.1905 and was named "F.F. Searing," after the D&E president
and founder. It was the first locomotive to run on the new line in 1905. When the D&E became the D&N in 1911 it was
renumbered to No.5. Lighter than the Baldwins, No.5 was used for various odd jobs and a spare locomotive.
No.5 was retired in 1929 and scrapped in 1930.
6 4-4-0 Dickson June-1884 9/18/1911 - ex D&E 1930 Ex-Delaware & Eastern #4 "H.M.George". Nee-Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR #485/950/183/186.  Renumbered D&N #6 in 1911. Retired 1930. Scrapped.
7 4-4-0 Brooks June-1900 Jun-7-1923 1936 Nee-Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh Railroad No.186. It worked for the BR&P until it was retired and sold to
Southern Iron and Equipment. It was refurbished by them and the valve gear was changed to simple from compound.
The D&N purchased No.7 on June 7, 1923 from SI&E. No.7 could be described in car terms as a "lemon." No.7 never
worked right as a result of the valve gear change. It was used rarely. It was eventually retired in 1930 after the arrival
of No.10, and was finally scrapped in late-1936.
10 4-4-0 Lima February-1910 Jan-3-1930 1957 Ex-Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. Nee-Emporia Manufacturing Company #10. No.10 was known as the most reliable
and best operating steam locomotive ever owned by the D&N. It was built for the Emporia Manufacturing Company as
their No.10.  It was later sold to the Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., who inturn sold it to the D&N on January 3, 1930.
It was only ever used to haul freight, never pulling a passenger train. It worked reliably until the shut down in October, 1942.
It was scrapped in 1944.
M-10 Railbus Brill February-1926     Named the 'Red Heifer' due to its 'mooing cow' sounding horn, the M-10 was railbus was the only new piece of  equipment built for
the Delaware and Northern. It had a 250 H.P. Winton Special automotive-type gasoline motor with 6-cylinders, front wheel drive, and
5 speeds in each direction. It was 65 feet long, had seating for 29 passengers, and baggage and RPO compartments. Known as the
best investment ever made by the D&N, it saved them $30,000 a year. After abandonment in 1942 it sat abandoned in Margaretville
until in 1943 when it was reportedly sold to a railroad in Nebraska. It's final disposition is unknown.
101 44tonner GE December-1941 6/11/1951 - ex NYO&W   ex-NYO&W #101
105 44tonner GE August-1942 6/11/1951 - ex NYO&W   ex-NYO&W #105
Merged with other lines to form the Lake Ontario & Hudson River Rail Road on July 1, 1965