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[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 49, Volume 7]
[Revised as of October 1, 2003]
[CITE: 49CFR1135]

[Page 153]


    Authority: : 5 U.S.C. 553 and 49 U.S.C. 721 and 10708.

Sec. 1135.1  Quarterly adjustment.

    To enable the Board to publish the rail cost adjustment factor 
(RCAF) as required by 49 U.S.C. 10708, the Association of American 
Railroads (AAR) shall calculate and file with the Board by the fifth day 
of December, March, June and September of each year its forecast for the 
next calendar quarter of the all-inclusive index of railroad costs and 
calculate and file the RCAF unadjusted for changes in railroad 
productivity as prescribed in Railroad Cost Recovery Procedures, 1 
I.C.C.2d 207 (1984), and any subsequent amendments thereto. In addition, 
the AAR shall calculate the productivity-adjusted RCAF as prescribed in 
Railroad Cost Recovery Procedures, 5 I.C.C.2d 434 (1989), and any 
subsequent amendments thereto. The AAR shall submit workpapers detailing 
its calculations. The Board will review and verify the AAR submissions 
and make its RCAF publication by the twentieth day of December, March, 
June and September of each year.

[67 FR 55166, Aug. 28, 2002]

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